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What People Say About My Software

I couldn’t run my business without your software.
Tom, Victorian Design
Just wanted to thank you for creating such a great program. I use it every single day in my business and have suggested it to many colleagues.
I am using it all the time to enlarge my scroll saw and sewing designs. I've been eyeing your program for years. Best money I've ever spent. Thanks a million.
I just want to thank you for the great program! I began using your program many years ago. I wasted sooooo many sheets of paper and ink trying to resize a design, I went on the search for a resizing program and there you were! It has been a blessing. I then began telling all my friends in all the online groups I'm in and they've purchased from you as well. I belong to a rug hooking group of over 1000 members and to this day, the question gets asked on how to resize. Of course, your program gets mentioned EVERY time! Thank you for the wonderful tool you've provided!
Marte B.
This is an awesome program!!! I wish I had found something like this 20 years ago. My wife does crafts on all kinds of wood and this program saves me hours upon hours on each project she does each day… I really have not found anything where it needs to be improved, that's how awesome this program is to me! Keep up the GREAT work.
Phil Wienke
Your product is great, my son loves it, and I ordered the [Basic] version for my daughter. Once again thank you for making such a great product. I've never seen both my children so active in art. I will DEFINITELY recommend this to anyone, and the fact that you replied to my emails is amazing. No automated robot, no long response time. I can't stress how great this is.
Jose M.-V.
I have used your Rapid Resizer … for over 10 years and I absolutely love it.
Julie Spencer
Owner of The Glass Lady, Australia
I can't run my business without Rapid Resizer. I rely on it so much. Worth every penny.
Tom (Washington, US)
GREAT app. Saved me hours on my Halloween project!
Mark D.
Thank you again for such an awesome program.
Dr. Hamer
Coolest thing I've ever seen!
Lesley M.