Share Your Design

More afforable than silver. You can choose the specific material and color when you get the price.

The most popular option for inexpensive jewelry.

“Polished” Alumide
Flexible, slight sparkle from the aluminum specks, coarse surface.

You can get the price as soon as I'm done building your design

If this takes too long, use a simpler font or fewer letters.

  1. Design and order one of a kind 3D printed jewelry. Make pendants, earrings, keychains, ornaments, or tags.
  2. Enter one or more letters for your design. Press your enter/return key to use multiple lines.
  3. Set how much the letters overlap.

    Your design has to be one piece. If you don't overlap letters they're automatically connected. Overlapping usually looks better.
  4. Set its size. Larger designs are more expensive.
  5. Set its thickness.
  6. Set the outer size (diameter) of its loop.
  7. Click this to choose the material for your design and get the price.