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Press Release · April 2014

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   Contact: Patrick Roberts, patrick@rapidresizer.com

Resize Arts and Crafts Patterns Online

Patrick Roberts Software has launched Rapid Resizer Online, a cloud-based software application that makes it simple for artists and crafters to print patterns and stencils exactly to any size. The online program enlarges or reduces the size of patterns, sketches, and line drawings. Large images may be tiled across multiple pages.

The online version of Rapid Resizer Online is based upon the popular Windows software that was introduced in 2001. Stained glass artists, woodworkers, rug makers, quilters, makers of doll clothing, painters, and sign makers can use the online version on their Windows computer, Mac, iPad, or other popular tablet.

The new free online stencil maker lets artists make printable alphabet, letter, and number stencils for their paintings, quilts, rugs, or any arts and crafts projects. The stencil maker is fully integrated into Rapid Resizer, and can also be used as a stand-alone program, at no cost to the user.

Rapid Resizer Online includes a new picture stencil maker that turns photos and drawings into stencils that can be incorporated into craft designs. Additional new online tools include the ability to draw or scan designs and turn them into patterns, a Celtic knot designer, an abstract geometric design maker, and a library of more than 100 designs that artists can use in their projects.

Rapid Resizer Online replaces photocopy machines, projectors, grids, and other outdated ways of resizing patterns. Specify the percent of the enlargement or reduction, or type in the exact size that you wish your pattern to be. You can even enter the size that a particular section of your pattern should be, and Rapid Resizer Online will perform all of the necessary calculations.

Start with a scanned pattern, a photo or drawing on your computer, a PDF file containing an image, or a drawing that you found online. The software will turn photos into line drawings. In addition to resizing patterns, Rapid Resizer Online can add a perfectly-tiled border to any design, skew designs to fit different shapes, and let you draw full-size designs from scratch.

Rapid Resizer Online's ink saver can reduce printing costs by converting colorful patterns into shades of gray. In addition, the software can turn lightly colored areas white, and turn large dark areas into outlines, saving lots of expensive printer ink. It's easy to print a design, upload it to the Web, or email it to a friend or client.

Rapid Resizer Online is available in three versions. The Basic version costs $19(US) per year and lets you resize patterns and print an unlimited number of patterns. It includes the ink saving features, as well as the design finder, word stencil maker, and the ability to turn photos into patterns. The $39/year Designer version lets you customize designs, add curves and shapes, draw and resize original designs, add borders, and store your projects online. The $59/year Pro version lets you color your designs' pieces with glass, wood, and fabric. The Pro version also includes a material calculator which tells you how much material is required for each project.

For more information, visit http://online.rapidresizer.com/ or contact Patrick Roberts Software, 115 George St., Suite 144, Oakville Ontario L6J 0A2, Canada.

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About Patrick Roberts Software:

Since 2001, Patrick Roberts Software has been designing and marketing Windows productivity and online software for arts and crafts hobbyists and professionals. Rapid Resizer for Windows has been replaced by Rapid Resizer Online. The new cloud-based software lets Windows, Mac, iPad, and other tablet users resize and enhance their patterns easily and affordably. For more information, visit http://online.rapidresizer.com/.