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Make a Stencil or Pattern from a Picture

Automatically trace a photograph into a stencil, pattern, or sketch. Great for making applique, wood working, stained glass or other arts & craft designs.

1. Choose a photo from your computer.


2. Turn it into a design. Experiment with the options below to get the best result.


Darker Whiter
If the preview's all white, drag the slider closer to Darker.

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4. Print free on one page. Print across pages with Rapid Resizer.

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  1. Click here and choose a picture file from your computer.
  2. Try the different methods.
  3. Try sliding this to refine your result.
  4. Here's the preview of the result.

    Click on it to get a bigger copy.

  5. Get a copy that will print on one page.
  6. Print it precisely to any size across pages using Rapid Resizer Online.

    Not free but worth the price.

  7. Add or remove lines using Rapid Resizer's Designer.