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  1. Welcome to Rapid Resizer.

    This is Rapid Resizer's start page. It's where you start or resume projects.

    Click the green arrow to continue this tour. Click on the × above to close this and dive in.

  2. To get back here from any Rapid Resizer page, click on the Resizer icon.
  3. If you bought Rapid Resizer, you need to login.

    Click Login and enter your password. It should be in your e-mail, maybe in your Junk/Spam folder.

    If you haven't bought it, you can still try all of Rapid Resizer's features. You just can't print until you buy it.

  4. Bookmark this webpage, if you haven't already, so you can easily get back here later.

    How precisely to do this depends on your computer. At worst, you can always get back here by entering RapidResizer.com into your web-browser.

  5. This is your most recent project. Click on it to reuse it.

    You can't delete it. It's eventually forgotten or replaced by your next design.

  6. You may also see all your past designs. Click on one to use it.
  7. Resize a design from your computer.

    This accepts picture and photo files, PDFs, and SVGs. It can't handle other document files, such as from Word.

  8. Make a text stencil. Then you can print it to any size.
  9. Turn a picture into a stencil or pattern.
  10. Draw a design and print it to any size.

    If you want to add or removes lines from an existing design, open it as if you were going to resize it. Then find the Draw button.

  11. Use a design from your scanner.
  12. After you open or make a design in Rapid Resizer, you go to the resizing step.

    From there you can get to the other features: save ink, draw, color, etc.

    To take this tour later, watch tutorial videos, or ask a question, click on the Help button at the top right of every page.