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Print Stencils & Patterns Exactly to Any Size

Enlarge patterns and drawings easily with the helpful Rapid Resizer…

Great for applique and useful for lots of craft projects.

Small Quilts Magazine
Summer 2010
  1. Easily resize arts & crafts designs
  2. Alter them or make your own full size
  3. See how your finished project will look
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Preview resizing a sample or a design of your own

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And it's precisely tiled across pages
Over 10,000 artists & crafters have relied on my Rapid Resizer software since 2001.
Patrick Roberts
Ontario, Canada

Rapid Resizer is Specifically Designed for Arts & Crafts

It can also print color images for posters and signs.

Your Computer is Compatible

Rapid Resizer Online works with Windows, Mac, iPads, and more.

You don't have to download or install any software. Simply use it on this website from all your computers and tablets.

Resize Easily

Type in any size and your design is printed exactly. No hassle figuring out percentages. Stretch or squeeze into any proportions.

If you need help using it, you can …

Don't waste more time resizing with photocopiers, projectors, or grids.

Save Time with its Design Making Tools

Easily make and find designs using the extra tools that are tied into Rapid Resizer Online: Print designs from

Save a Fortune on Ink Cartridges

Rapid Resizer has saved me an enormous amount of time and money.

Rug Hooking Magazine
Jan/Feb 2010
Rapid Resizer Online's ink saver can replace expensive color ink with gray and save black ink by whiting out light areas and by outlining dark areas and thick lines.

If you save just one ink cartridge a year, this program has already paid for itself.

Its reduced-ink designs are also often a lot easier to use.

Rapid Resizer saves paper by automatically choosing the most efficient page orientation for any size.

Easily Customize Designs or Draw Your Own Full Size

Draw perfect full sizes designs:

Easily move and change the shapes you've drawn.

Automatically turn a photograph into a rough pattern, use the designer to add and remove lines, then print it full size.

Show How Your Finished Project Will Look

Color your pattern's pieces with real stained glass, wood, and fabric or use any image from your computer. Great for showing customers how a design will look before you build it.

Print your colored design with the enlarger, share it on the Web, or e-mail it to a client.

Includes stained glass from Armstrong, Bullseye, Kokomo, and Spectrum.

Automatic Materials List

As you color your pattern, Rapid Resizer adds up how much of each material you'll need to build it.

Try It Now

You get a free instant preview of how it will print. You can use a sample design, a picture from your computer, or make a design.

Resize a sample
There's an instant preview. You don't have to print anything out.

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