1. Welcome to Rapid Resizer's Designer.

    With it you can draw perfect arts & crafts designs and print them to any size, even across pages.

    Click the orange triangle to continue the tour.

    When you're ready to print full size, you'll need the Designer version of Rapid Resizer if you haven't bought it already.

  2. Click and drag on the white canvas below. This freehand tool automatically smooths what you draw.

    Then click on the straight line, square, and circle buttons and draw more perfect shapes.

  3. Click on the Move button then click and drag on the lines you drew.

    Use the eraser to …

  4. Zoom in and out or zoom your whole design into view.

    Zoom in to make it easier to work on smaller parts of your design.

    You can also zoom using your +, -, and space keys; a mousewheel; or by pinching on a touchscreen.

  5. Click this to pan across the drawing area.

    You can also pan using the arrow keys or two finger swipes on a trackpad or touch screen.

  6. Change line color or width. You can also switch to dashed or dotted lines.

    Add text in a variety of fonts.

    Or show a grid to help you align parts of your design.

  7. Incorporate pictures from your computer .

    Save your design online in your Rapid Resizer Online account.

    Get a copy of your design as a picture file (SVG or PNG) to share or to use in another program.

  8. When you're done drawing, print your design to any size.

    While drawing don't worry about size or placement of your design. It's taken care of when you print.

  9. All the other commands are in here including …

    Click the × above to close this and start drawing.