Rapid Resizer

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Print Full-Size Art Patterns

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Tip To keep your account secure, you can close unrecognized logins and periodically change your password at your account page. Before resizing, make sure your design is straight and any space around it has been cropped. Otherwise it will print smaller than expected. If your design's skewed (e.g., from being photographed tilted) you can fix it using the Skew tool. Or you can skew a straight design into a different shape. Bend any design into an arch or circle using the Arc tool. Use the Reflect tool to mirror a 1/2 or 1/4 design. Use the Fit by Part option to give the size of a part of your design. It automatically calculates the overall size. The Ink Saver has options to reduce the ink needed to print your design. It can also turn your design's lines red for scrollsawing. If you need your design flipped, use the Mirror tool. In the Letter Stencil Maker, you can make letters connect using the Letter Overlap option.